Thursday, 16 October 2014


For many of us, Store Street was the first experience of the Mancunian phenomena that is The Warehouse Project. Set deep underneath Manchester Piccadilly Station, it’s hard to forget seeing the steam rise through the red brick arches for the first time. From the moment you stepped in, it was clear to see the WHP team were onto something big. By limiting events to a few months at the end of the year, it had an undeniable spark of anticipation that set it apart from other UK nights. As the years went on WHP solidified it’s position as the yardstick against which all other UK raves were measured.

After 5 years at Store Street, the brand had reached critical mass. It moved to a warehouse on the outskirts of the city featuring a colossal main room and a personal favorite; the never-ending tunnel of Room Two. We have many fond memories of tumbling down that rabbit hole to the likes of Ben Klock and Joy O, beside momentous main room performances by legends such as Four Tet and Seth Troxler.

With a bigger venue came even bigger line-ups, drawing 5,000 people almost every night. By the end of 2013 every man and his dog had made the pilgrimage as WHP juggled niche nights alongside events featuring household names such as Annie Mac and Major Lazer.

When the team announced they were taking a year out from the venue, many people felt it was a much-needed break to the momentum that the behemoth had gathered. However the space WHP filled in our need for something to look forward to after a summer of Croatian festivals and Ibizan superclubs was now an empty void. Hence when WHP made its most recent announcement, the UK collective breathed a sigh of relief.

For one year only, The Warehouse Project will return to its spiritual home of Store Street. True to their word and due to the venues smaller size, this year will see less than half as many tickets as last year go on sale. This will be a sweaty, intimate, nostalgic trip back to where it began for many of us. A chance to revisit those blurry memories from deep beneath the streets of Manchester.

The full line-ups have been released and they’re everything we’ve come to expect. We’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Just don’t spend to long deliberating your choices, as tickets have flown.

Gather, warehouse disciples, for church is now in session.

Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.

Words by David March // Photos by Jody Hartley