Wednesday, 8 April 2015


On a chilly Tuesday evening, we find ourselves meeting Jack Adams, otherwise known as Mumdance, in some obscure Bangladeshi restaurant in a forgotten corner of Shoreditch. He is accompanied by DJ and close friend CJ Yaxley. Together they make up part of the Different Circles collective who have run a string of successful events across London and released a sold out 12” showcasing their boundary pushing ethics in the darker corners of the 4x4 sound. “That’s what the movement’s about; bringing different people together, different artists, different sounds, different circles all overlapping...” Jack explains. 

Friday’s Fabric marks the launch of “FABRICLIVE 80: Mumdance”. With this release, Mumdance ascends to join the select few given the opportunity to weave themselves into the Fabric tapestry forever. However, instead of sticking to an album of club friendly grime bangers, he has taken us on a challenging journey through the multi-faceted sounds that helped create his forward thinking approach. Taking listeners into the depths of ambient, bleep and drone before mainlining his heavy weightless grime sounds and ending with a final blow of classic 90s hardcore. It’s a headspinning speedball of a mix that is matched only by the launch night itself. 

Taking over Room 2, Mumdance will take stage to perform a DJ/909/Modular set flanked by his MCs of choice, Novelist and Riko Dan. Expect full scale destruction when ‘Take Time’ drops.

He will be supported by fellow Weightless purveyor Logos, bass legend Pinch and topped off with a strictly 90-92 hardcore set from jungle hero Randall. Seeing a pattern here? 

For those needing to find solace from the Roland assaults and relentless breaks will find Room 1 a more familiar but by no means tamer beast. Heavyweight grime collective Butterz bring Elijah & Skilliam, Joker and Royal-T to lay down beats for P Money, Big Narstie and the godfather, D Double E

With the potential for an eclectic whirlpool of soundscapes on the cards, we’re looking forward to one of the most unique and potentially disorienting nights we have experienced at Fabric. 

For more information and to purchase tickets click here.

Words by David March & Sam Jones