Thursday, 24 September 2015


It's no surprise that the first week of September was yet again our favourite week of the summer. We returned to Europe's number one bass music festival for the fifth time, and we already know that Outlook festival 2016 is most definitely on the cards. Boasting beautiful weather, a mind blowing setting and second to none sound systems, Outlook festival is in a league of its own. Every single Outlook has of course been monumental, but there was something about the music this year which set it apart from the rest. Here are our top 10 musical moments of Outlook 2015, in no particular order:

1. DJ EZ: The Beach (Thursday)
The perfect way to kick off Outlook is, without a doubt, an afternoon beach party. On the first official day of the festival the beach was packed bumper to bumper with happy, energetic Outlookers ready for four days of incredible music. And garage pioneer DJ EZ knew just exactly how to set the tone for the next few days.

2. Toddla T's Boat Party with Chimpo and Mella Dee (Saturday)
Probably the best boat party we've ever been on, at any Outlook festival, ever... Toddla, Chimpo and Mella Dee were on rotation for three hours of musical bliss, hosted by Black Josh (Levelz), Johnny Dub and MC DRS as the sun set over a sparkling Adriatic sea. It really couldn't have been better, and was topped off by pulling back into the harbour to R Kelly 'Hotel'. 

3. The Heatwave: The Void (Saturday)
Filled with only the happiest vibes and the most positive energy, we started our Saturday night with an injection of carnival at The Void. Arms in the air, jumping side to side, there was not a sad face in sight. The Void was overflowing with happiness as the Outlookers got warmed up for another night of musical perfection.

4. Elijah & Skilliam: The Void (Saturday)
Butterz duo Elijah and Skilliam, who immediately followed on from The Heatwave, kept the energy high and switched it up taking a turn down Grime lane. We were pulled in deeper and deeper with every song, as these selectors got it bang on, with a little help from high-top hero D Double E (Newham Generals).

5. Noisa: The Clearing (Saturday)
Strobe lights and trippy noises consumed The Clearing on Saturday night as Noisa took to the stage. The set was an overwhelming sensory overload, and we mean that in the best way possible. Dark sounds were the speakers soundtrack as our feet barely touched the floor for over an hour.

6. Leofah's (Jungle Set): The Moat (Saturday)
Probably one of the most intense sets of the weekend that we caught. Leaofah's jungle set was at our favourite of the Outlook stages: The Moat, and despite the generator failing five minutes before the end, our feet were constantly moving to what felt like hours of incredible music.

7. Shy FX: The Harbour (Sunday)
One of our most euphoric festival moments ever was back in 2011 when Shy FX played The Harbour stage, and after five days of blistering heat, the heavens opened and the rain poured. We found ourselves back in the same spot four years later, reliving our joy through the mixing of the incredible king of energy, Shy FX.

8. Kurupt FM: The Garden (Sunday)
Get out the way! Get out the way! Kurupt FM, who we all know and love from BBC series 'People Just Do Nothing' raised the energy levels, as per usual on the penultimate night of the festival. The Garden was packed with 

9. Barely Legal: The Garden (Sunday)
From the first time we saw her play at Outlook 2013, Grime and Garage Princess DJ Barely Legal has always been a favourite of ours. Standing at only 5'1, she stands on a box for most of her sets, proving that good things most certainly come in small packages.

10. Chimpo: The Garden (Sunday)
The last set we saw at Outlook before we made a dash for our 5am transfer, Chimpo was the perfect ending to the perfect festival. The cherry on the cake was when there was a stage invasion by the enthusiastic and dedicated crowd. This magical Manchester music maestro doesn't appear in our 'Top 10' twice by accident. He is quite simply, one of the original Outlook Festival vibe bringers...

Which leads us on to the final part of our Outlook highlights - when Chimpo composed a series of interview questions for grime MC, rising star and 'Lewisham don': Novelist, just after he stepped off The Clearing stage on Friday night.

Nov, wot about da gentrification of Lewisham?
"It's shit. Chimpo's been there as well. Like, he's come to Lewisham so he's seen like Brockley back in the day, where I'm from, he's seen it now. Obviously new peoples gotta move in but like, to take away the characteristics of an area is not really a cool thing man because after a while it just becomes something else. No one locally like really gets what's going on but when it hits with a bang, it's everyone hard, you know what I mean? And that's the sad thing man."

U got sum stylish track suits, do u think u cud bring it to Chimpo on da cat walk?
Yeh I have, Maharishi tracksuits. Yeh, they're quite nice. I know the guy who founded the company. Yeh, Maharishi tracksuits, I think Chimpo would like that still. 

If u met da beautifulest gal u ever met but u went on a date an' she started bussing pure shower man bars sending for bare serious g's, would u go on a second date?
Would I go on a second date? Yes, I'd make her so spit my bars. Yeh, I'd make her write me some bars. 

Stunning eyes or wondrous booty?
Stunning eyes. 

Nice. That's it, you're done.
That's cool man. That's alright, I like Chimpo. He asked me some cool questions.

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Words by Ama Samra and photos by Ross Silcocks (Entirety).